220V Wall Mount Voice Light Sensor Switch Sound&Light Control Delay Switch


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Finding the light switch in the dark house is difficult,but if you have this intelligent sound control switch,you just make some sound such as footsteps and claps and the light will turn on itself automatically,moreover, it will turn off some time later if there is no sound that can save you lots of electricity!

1.High quality Energy Saving Auto Switch Controlled by Light and Sound
2.Ideal Light Switch for use around bathroom,hallways, staircases and porches
3.Light on automatically when sound is detected in the dark,when in daytime or under strong light,circuit in the off state and the light does not turn on
4.Light can be set to stay on 1 minute after detected the sound
5.With two-wire channel, easy to install

1.Power supply: AC220-250V 50Hz~60Hz( Note: this item can not use input 110V)
2.Working Voltage: 220-250V
3.Light Sensitivity: ≤3-8LUX
4.Sensitivity: 65db
5.Delay Time: about 60S
6.Working Environment: -10℃~60℃
7.Load Type:Control energy-saving lamps under 35W,incandescent under 60W
8.Size: 89*86*38mm
10.Installation:Shut off the power,load must not short-circuit

Package includes:
1 x Sound sensor Switch
2 x Screw

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