Smart Selfie LED Lightfor smartphones: fits 3.5mm Jack Android and Iphone


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Take better pictures!

No more grainy or blurred pictures at low light situations. Just keep this useful 16 pieces LED light  in your pocket or purse and preserve each moment at the quality your memories deserve!

This is a product that is suitable for everyone who wants to improve their photography, no matter how great your camera phone is, under low light you need an external source like this that has calibrated color temperature to simulate daylight

It is a multi feature very small and handy speedlite.
It can use app to connect iOs android and windows wp8.
Act as a flashlight tool without connecting any devices.
Provide a sharp contrast in light efficiency for DSLR.

Product size:64.5mm*26.5mm*102mm
Product weight:14g
Color:White Black Pink
Power battery:200mAh
The battery inside the flash has capability to pass 500 cycles,just like the smatphone.

Package Includes:
1xLED Flash Light

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