Camo Insulated Adhesive Tape Shooting Hunting Paintball 50mmx10m


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Camo Insulated Cotton Adhesive Tape Webbing Repair Shooting Hunting Paintball 50mmx10m
Material: Cotton adhesive
Size: 50mm x 10m

provides Insulation against cold surfaces (extremely useful on metal surfaces)
Excellent as a Concealment aid
Can Reduces any Glare or shine of the object

Superior medical support & compression bandage, good insulation resistance and waterproof

used for basic covering of items including weapon claning kits, notebooks.
used to camouflage equipment including weapons.
used for minor repairs on equipment.
Used as a Concealment aid.
This tape is not only usefull for military but also excellent for anyone working in the outdoors.

Note: Please kindly tell what color you’d like to choose, or we will send you at random color.

Package Included:
1x insulation tape

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