LED516AS Icelight type Double Color LED Video Camera Light


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LED516AS LED Video Camera Light Handheld Stick Shape Two Double Color

Description :

Temperature led lamp bead to change color temperature at any time

Equipped with 5200mah lithium battery inside, the led 516as is small sized

Adopts the double color temperature 3200 k – $5600 k in the two groups led

Lamp bead can switch between different color temperature according to different need

The battery can provide full power 60 minutes of work time, 2.5 hours can finish quick charge


Net Weight 950g
Voltage DC 12V
Power 15W  30.96A
Operation Single Hand
Support Standard Outlet
Light Size Φ55 x 553mm
Illumination 1830lux / 0.5m, 780lux / m
Battery Built-in battery, charged used for 4-6 hours
Color Temperature 3200K ± 200K, 5600K ± 300K
Suitable for all kinds of lighting fixtures, oblique arm, tripod

Package Included :

1 x Led 516AS

1 x Adapter

1 x Light Bag

1 x 14&38 Light Holder Adapter

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