Vidonn X6 IP65 Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Wristband Bracelet Fitness Watch


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Vidonn X6 OLED Bluetooth Smart Wrist Band Bracelet Fitness Watch is supported by our free Vidonn iOS APP and Android APK, users can synchronize data,automatically with iPhone 4S,5,5S, iPhone6 / iPhone6 plus, iPod touch5, iPad3 and iOS 6.0 above, iTouch5 , iPad3 , iPad4 , iPad air , iPadmin2 iOS8.0 above,Samsungs4,Galaxy note,Galaxy note 2,htc one(802w),LG G2,also support Android 4.3 + on the basis of buletooth 4.0+ wireless technology.

Vidonn X6 is an update smart bracelet specially designed for you. Not only its daily-functions, as Call remind, Message remind and etc., makes it a perfect reminder when you go to work, but also its Sport functions, as Alarm clock, Sleep monitoring, Steps, Distance and etc., gives you a healthy life style. Moreover, its Touch-Key, seamless integrated design, is easy to operate and looks so fashion.

Model: Vidonn X6
Smartphone work system: iOS7.0 or above/Android 4.3 above
Waterproof: IP65 (for water splashes, not for showering, swimming or diving)
Weight: 20g
Resolution support: 1920*1080 , 1280*720
Dimension: 66mm*16mm*9.6mm
Waterproof standard: ATM3,IP65
Screen Dimension: 0.88in OLED
Operation: Touch key input
Battery: 45mAh Li-ion polymer
Recharge: magnetic charge wire
Data transmission: BLE 4.0
Standby Time: 15 days

Message Reminder: SMS, social networking software, e-mail
Caller ID: the system will turn on the Caller ID & Message Notifications automatically at the first time you use the Smartband with your smartphone.
Alarm clock: tap “More” on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen,tap “Alarm Clock”,select to create an alarm. Tap “Turn on” to set name, time, type, and how many days a week you want to repeat the alarm, then tap “Confirm”,tap the top right corner “Save”.
Sports monitoring: pedometer, calorie, distance display,more accurate motion algorithm, collect and store a datum per 2 minutes, up to 7 days data collection, offering a much more accurate and professional data analyzing.
Sleep Monitoring: pre-set sleep time frame, to monitor with smart algorithm to judge whether user is falling asleep, to judge and analyze user’s actual falling asleep time.
Long-sitting alert: with pre-set time frame, user will be reminded when be sitting for too long to go exercise.
Outdoor Activity: recording your sports distance, calories burned, to hit your daily exercise target.
Business Conference: Be punctual and on schedule, arrange your business in perfect order.

How to use:
Button use: Press button for 3 seconds to enter into “Timed Tracking Mode”, hold the button for 3 seconds again will return to default mode.
Charging Smartband: Contact the wire end with magnetic points onto Smartband bottom pins, plug the other end with standard 5V/2A USB into power source to fully charge the Smartband for a few hours before using, if cannot attach to bottom pins exactly just turn the contact direction around.

Product note:
1.The Smartband is life waterproof.
2.Keep the device or accessories out of the reach of children and pets.
3.Avoid using or storing the device in extreme hot or cold place.
4.Any abuse or improper using may damage the inside digital circuit or the hardware

and if you want to download the app,you can scan two-dimension code in the bottom of the page.Package includes:

1 x Vidonn X6 smartband
1 x manual
1 x charge wire

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