Incandescent Bulb E27 40W 220V Retro Edison Style Light Bulbs


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E27 Incandescent Bulb 40W 220V Retro Industry Edison Style

Connector E27
Type Incandescent Bulb
Light Color Warm White
Bulb Color Transparent
Wattage (W) 40W
Voltage (V) 220V
Light Source Tungsten Filament
Material Glass
Dimension (mm) 116 x 60
Package Included 1 Incandescent Bulb

Kindly Reminder:
1. Please confirm the voltage first. If the voltage of a product is 12V-24V, then you must use a professional
LED voltage converter.
2. Please check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to insure a proper fit.
3. Do not disassemble any bulbs by yourself.
4. Be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury.

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